LFMA Working with Jesse Salisbury

Picture of Jesse SalisburyThe Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association was organized in 2010 as a grass roots organization. Our initial mission was to build a memorial park to give some measure of comfort to the families of the fishermen who were lost during a particularly short span of time when ten men were lost working the waters off Cobscook Bay. Over time our mission has changed. The mission is now to honor all lost fishermen who have worked the waters off Cobscook Bay on both sides of the border. We have made great progress during the last two years. A significant sum of money has been raised with our 501(3) c status, one of the most beautiful sites in all of Maine was leased to the group at no cost by the town of Lubec and now one more key ingredient can be announced... Jesse Salisbury, one of Maine’s foremost granite sculptors has agreed to become both the artistic director and the sculptor of the memorial. Jesse who is the founder of the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium brings a great deal of needed expertise to the project. He will design the space and create a sculpture which will speak to the great sacrifice made by all the men and women who have lost their lives working in and around Cobscook Bay. With Jesse’s guidance the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association, born out of tragedy, will provide a final resting place for all the fishermen claimed by the sea. In the near future, family members, friends, and visitors will be able to come to a truly special place to reflect upon the lives of these fishermen whose names will be engraved in the granite sculpture. With Jesse Salisbury on board, the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association will move forward to honor the people who helped to make our daily lives possible.

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